LifeRoute is an app that serves as a dashboard for participants and companies in LifeRoute’s career program.

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See Employees

Overview of all the employees in LifeRoute's program at your company.

Money Management

Track your running balance and make payments.

Time Remaining

Time remaining for the employees in LifeRoute's program at your company.

Manage Activity

See all activity and statements made on your company account.

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Career Opportunities

View any open roles in various industries.

Filter Results

Filter by industry, location, company, time of hiring, and more.

Update Profile

Update profile information, skills, industry interests, and notifications.

View Settings

Update notifications and send reports to LifeRoute about your current role.


How It Works

Please watch the video presentation to discover how the LifeRoute app works.

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Hello there!

My name is Meagan Fleming. I am a soon-to-be Texas State University grad in August of 2021 with a degree in Digital Media Innovation and a minor in Communication Studies. LifeRoute is a concept I came up with as a business idea and app prototype for my Digital Media Innovation Capstone course. So, while LifeRoute is NOT an actual product available on the app store, it is an idea I enjoyed developing.